Welcome to The Quest for Authentic Manhood! The journey on which you are about to embark has energized and excited men from all over the world. Many have commented that these messages have blessed them with a new sense of their own masculine identity, giving them a personal manhood vision, as well as insight into what God had in mind when he first brought man into the world. 


The Quest for Authentic Manhood sets out to answer some questions that are universal to men. 

  • What makes a man a man? A real man? 
  • How does one become a man? 
  • Is there a moment when it happens? 
  • What is it that holds men back from their true masculine destiny?
  • How should authentic manhood express itself today? 


Those are just some of the questions The Quest for Authentic Manhood  will answer for you in specific ways that you, as a man, can get your arms around practically. 

In the sessions we will have together, we will closely examine our development as men, the wounds which often hold men back, and how those wounds can be healed. We will discover the importance of male mentors for encouragement, the power of Dad, raising healthy sons and daughters, and the role of a man in marriage. Other topics we will address include the biblical definition of manhood, the different season's of a man's life, and how one "becomes a man!"


This journey is not for the faint of heart. It's a steep climb at times. You will need discipline and teammates in the process. It will be challenging, soul-searching, and eye-opening. But by the end-as so many have experienced before you-you, too, will find a clearer, richer, and nobler masculinity for yourself. That's a promise. 


Like never before, our world needs men. Real men. Authentic men. Men, like Jesus, who possess life-giving spirits and righteous, warrior hearts.


Are you ready?

If so, tighten up those laces on your hiking boots and let's begin our journey!

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